Fort of the Stranger -
Mother-DaughterTribal   Come, and explore American Tribal    
 Style Belly Dance(ATS®) with
 Mother-Daughter Tribal!
Pioneered and developed by Carolena Nericcio,       founder and director of Fat Chance Belly Dance® of San  Francisco, ATS® is a fusion of dance
 genres, blending influences from Middle Eastern and  North African dance, Rajasthani folk dance, 
 as well as Flamenco. Utilising traditional music and
distinctive costuming, ATS® presents a modern format with the "feel" of antiquity, ever-respectful
of the cultures that inspire it.  
As Mother-Daughter Tribal, our purpose, beyond simply teaching classes, is to promote not only the
feeling of well-being resulting from the very physicality of dance, but also the sense of
community that develops amongst the dancers
as they master the steps and establish the rapport that will enable them to perform together with
confidence and  joy.
We welcome women and girls of all ages, all shapes and sizes, all faiths and backgrounds. Most
particularly, we encourage inter-generational participation.

Classes in Skokie
We are pleased to be offering  new Level One classes at Supreme Dance Studio, 4055 Oakton Street, beginning on Wednesday, the 10th of December at 8:15 p.m..                               
For further information, please contact 
Mother-Daughter Tribal at (847)372.5537, or                                                          
"ATS®", "American Tribal Style®" and "Fat Chance Belly Dance®" are registered to Carolena Nericcio-Bohlmann.

Photo Gallery

  Sphinx Hafla at Mango Restaurant in Niles, February, 2014                           Photo Courtesy of Rowena Roa.(R.I.P.  12 June, 2014)       

  Mother-Daughter Tribal  in troupe performance at the Sphinx  Hafla        at Mango Restaurant, 2 February, 2013         
  Photo courtesy of Zayna.

  At the late-lamented C.J. Arthur's Hafla  in Wilmette. Winter, 2010.
   Photo courtesy of Máire Malone.

  Photo courtesy of Fíona Malone.

   Photo courtesy of Rowena Roa.
                                               (R.I.P.  12 June2014)                                           



..and a Daughter!

  Sphinx Hafla at Mango Restaurant, 7 February, 2015
Photo courtesy of Kara Lynn.

 Sphinx Hafla at Mango Restaurant, October, 2015
 Photo courtesy of Nir Darmoni

Photo courtesy of Martha Hellander.

Hafla! (Party)
 Join us for the next Sphinx Hafla on Saturday, the 2nd of February, at family-friendly Mango Restaurant, located
at Milwaukee Avenue and Dempster Street, in Niles.          Enjoy an all-you-can-eat, Middle Eastern buffet, and a two-set Belly Dance show featuring some of the finest performers in the Midwest, followed by Open Dance, for only $20.00.(Drinks are not included.)Food service begins at 6:30 p.m., and the show runs from 7:30 until 9:45 p.m..
Reservations are highly  recommended. (847. 967.0030)
There is free, in-lot parking.








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