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Clothing and Accessories

Our comfortable clothing is made from natural fibres, and is based upon Middle-Eastern and Indo-European styles. We sew primarily for belly dancers;Tribal-style belts and voluminous, Turkish-style pants are most popular, as are the occasional choli or simple jacket.The items pictured on this site are examples of our handiwork. If you are interested in specific colours, please do not hesitate to contact us at (847)372.5537 or

 We use authentic coins and tribal pendants to embellish our belts, dresses and headpieces, as well as handmade woolen braid and shisha (mirror)-work.

The short, Turkish-Style Jacket has three-quarter length sleeves, and can be made single-faced or reversible, according to personal preference and budget.      

Our Headpieces are of cotton, linen, and silk, decorated with mirrors, coins, small pendants or metal "stamps". The attached face-veils are also of silk, though cotton or linen may be substituted, if desired.

The headscarves are not included.

Dresses are of a simple, pull-over style, amply cut for comfort and ease of movement, as are our Pants, which have adjustable, drawstring waists, and elastic at the ankles.

Cholis are made from woven fabrics such as cotton or linen, and are available in two styles: one has two sets of ties, at the back of the neck and at mid-back, while the other fastens in the front by means of hooks and eyes.

Tribal-Style Belts can be front-, back- or side-closing , panel- or "shoelace"-type, simple or highly-decorated, according to preference and budget.


Choli Tops

Turkish-Style Pants


Triangle Fringe Belt, Ties in Front.                                                                                                                     

  Double-Sided Belt, Ties at Sides. (Custom Job)                                                                                  

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